Computer Engineer, iOS Developer


FPV Racing Quadcopters

Two First Person View (FPV) Quadcopters built for racing and high speed cinematography.

The Bat

University sponsored project to dynamically navigate a visually impaired person to an exit from within indoors.

Habit Breaker

HabitBreaker uses your webcam and a convolutional neural network to detect and stop you from preforming your bad habits.

Alexa Enabled Lamp

Lamp that responds to Alexa commands. Has a companion iOS and watchOS app.

Electric Longboard

2750 watt electric longboard capable of speeds up to 23mph and a distance of 8 miles.

Handicap Tracker

This is an app on the App Store available to download for free.

Convert a server power supply

Convert a server power supply into a power supply for a battery charger.

Bluetooth Speaker

Designed by me and built from two car speakers.